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Our IDs do more than just look authentic: They get past scanners thanks to our high-quality printers, making them your most reliable tool when seeking thrills that are just out of your reach.

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Scanning Rate


Starting Price


Ultraviolet Effects

Fake identification cards aren’t just for college kids under 21. Many stores offer discounts for people under 21, so if you want to save some money, you may want to take advantage of your baby face and get yourself a fake identification card.



Compare Top 3 Fake ID Websites

Hotfakeid.com vs. IDGod & Topfakeid

Looking for alternatives to outdated id makers? Meet Hotfakeid.


$100 /id

Very expensive in and slow in terms of service. Packages from idgod are often captured by the customs due to poor packaging.

No free duplicate
30 outdated templates

  • Verified id maker with access to 20 latest and 30 older id designs
  • Fake ids have no thermal laminates
  • Cannot ship using express services
  • Relies on standard and slower China post service
  • Packages are well disguised
  • Overall Score: Missing codes, dirt marks on magnetic bars, corrupt encoding.


$80 /id

Format, font, and color, legit IDs have holographic overlays that, when scanned with a UV light, prove that the card is a government-issued ID.

1 free duplicate with both group and individual orders.
40+ latest designs to choose from

  • Access to every premium template and sources of real ids
  • IDs pass UV scanners
  • Faster shipping in 3 days using FedEx and DHL
  • Prints customer credentials on pre-printed designs
  • Customizable license options, variants and endorsements
  • Overall Score: 10+ years of experience in id making, first to print polycarbonate ids.


$85 /id

Verified vendor with relative slow production and shipping as compared to Hotfakeid.

1 free duplicate
Charges once for shipping to group ids

  • Full access to teslin, pvc & composite substrates
  • IDs can verify quickly comes with scannable bars
  • Faster shipping takes a week
  • Lacks credit card options for payment
  • Can make ids with working lens
  • Overall Score: Premium elements, custom fake id software.

Why Get a Fake ID?

You have the time, money, and energy to party like a 21-year-old at 20, so why not buy fake IDs? With our cards, you can unlock a world of fun and excitement that’s being kept away from you. As they say: Buy fake ID, buy fun.


Why Choose Hotfakeid.com?

If this is your first time buying a fake identification card, you may be nervous. However, Hotfakeid.com takes privacy very seriously.

When you buy counterfeit ids from us, all the information is kept secured. We have multiple avenues available in which our customers pay us, such as cryptocurrency or gift cards, to make transactions as undetectable as the customer wants.

Here are some of the features that make us a better choice than our counterparts:

Custom id templates
Fake address, name and other credentials generating software for each state.
Advanced equipment
Built-in codes attached to each fake id.
Ability to alter photo prior to printing
Robust shipping & refunds for delays.