How can you trust Hotfakeid.com?

We do not ask you to trust us blindly. Fake ids are not so legal but we believe in the “VIR” approach.


Our “Video & Image” gallery page shows different fake id purchases with customer selfies and written paper marked photos. These are updated every week with new feedback. Not many fake id websites can offer you the courtesy of viewing their id cards in such high-resolution and transparent manner.

Hotfakeid.com has been up for years and the first vendor in 2024 to be unveiling ids with lenticular printing. The lenses that comes with our fake ids requires intaglio equipment which our competitors cannot afford to buy. Hence, we are the most trusted and one of the top forgeries makers in 2024.

How do I pay for my fake id and what payment options are available?

We accept multiple payment methods to make it easier for you to purchase your fake id. We accept the following payment methods:

1. Bitcoin/Bitcoin Cash – We accept these to make it easier for you to purchase your identity cards. You can use Cashapp, Coinbase or any other wallet to send Bitcoins or Bitcoin cash to the addresses generated at your check out.

2. Amazon Gift Cards – We accept Amazon gift cards personally purchased from stores like Walmart, Walgreens, Target, CVS, Rite Aid, Fred’s, Kroger and many other retail stores.

Note: We do not accept Electronic Amazon Gift cards, these can be only purchased in person from a store. You can buy one or multiple gift cards to cover total price of your fake id purchase. If you want to purchase online gift codes and pay with them, you may pay using the third payment option below.

3. Razer Gold E-Gift Cards – These are electronic gift cards and can be purchased online using your credit or debit card. You may also use your Paypal account to purchase Razer Gold E-gift codes and pay using the codes obtained on your email.

Below are a list of websites where you can buy Razer Gold E-Gift Codes directly from:

1. Walmart Online
2. Paypal
2. Kroger
3. Gyft Online
4. Dundle

You may buy these Razer Gold gift codes to cover the total amount you will be paying at the end of your check out. You can purchase multiple codes and cover your total. You may click how to pay for fake id for more information.

Can I order a customized fake id?

You may order fake ids using a digital photo of yourself. The photo must be in high-resolution. You may use your phone or any digital camera to take indoor photo. You may read our full id photo taking guidelines to know more about it. Hotfakeid.com can make fake ids with the following customizations:

1. Your Signature
2. Any Driver’s License Number of your Choice
3. Custom License Class
4. Endorsements
5. Organ Donor: Yes / No
6. Custom Driver’s License Address

You can also use any other fields of your choice by entering your desired expiry date, issue date and date of birth.

How to order for one or multiple persons?

Ordering your fake id is an easy process. Here are some of the steps required to a safer purchase.

1. Visit our fake id shop page and view any of the fake id states.
2. Enter your desired information and provide a digital photo with a signature and click “ADD TO CART
3. You can add more fake ids by adding more states from the shop page to your cart using the same process.
4. Once you’ve added enough ids to your cart, you may select your payment method and enter shipping address.

You may also read our detailed “How to Buy a Fake ID Online” to know more.

I want to order multiple fake IDs, how to get a discount?

Hotfakeid.com offers discounts on group orders. You don’t need a coupon for that. Our system deducts 10%, 15%, 20% and up to 30% off your total based on the number of ids you purchase. The system works automatically and you don’t have to write a coupon for that. You may visit our discounts page to know more about it.

How to take a photo for my fake id?

We ask you to provide a simple photo that makes your id look authentic. You should be familiar with the DMV rules while posing for a passport, driver’s license or identification card photo. Our id photo taking guide explains every detail.

In simple, all you need is a digital photo taken indoor with a digital camera or your phone. If altering is required, our team will handle that. You may also use any background because that won’t affect your id, we carefully alter the background off each photo.

Will I get a free duplicate with my order?

We send two copies of each id. Hence, whether you are ordering as a group or as an individual. Our policy remains the same. For instance, you can order 10 ids for 10 different people. They will all get 1 free duplicate each with their respective ids. This comes at no cost. The standard clones are free and will have the same quality. You will not be able to tell any difference in terms of features, information or scanning.

How long does it take to receive my ID package?

The standard time for making an id takes one single day. It goes through the printing process followed by drying and laminating. The rest depends on your order type. We disguise every package before shipping. If you’ve ordered express and paid extra, your shipment is prioritized as compared to standard. We provide two shipping options.

1. Standard Mail Service [Takes 7-10 days] + Free
2. Express Mail Service [Takes 3-5 days] + 75$

The express service is guaranteed to reach your doorstep by 5th day. If you order for a large group or multiple persons, the 3-5 days shipping speed still remains valid. We provide a full refund in case your id does not reach on time.

We always advise our customers to use express shipping option if you need your fake id faster. We also advise you to stay away from false advertising slogans like ‘overnight shipping‘ which doesn’t exist. You simply cannot make a counterfeit id and ship it on the same day.

3. [Express order policy] Your package needs to arrive within 5-6 days. If it does not arrive by the advertised time, we will issue a refund or reship free of cost.
4. [Standard order policy]
We expect your package to arrive 10-12 days maximum. If it does not arrive by then, you can always request a refund or ask for reshipment of your id and we will do it free of cost.

By ordering on Hotfakeid.com, you agree with our Terms of Service and Privacy Policy.

I want to order a digital ID and not shipped to me?

You may select “YES” for the digital ID before shipping while ordering your fake id. Doing so will enable us to send you a photo of your id card before shipping it to you.

Will you provide a tracking number of my package?

Once your order is submitted. We will confirm your credentials and process it. The id is printed 24-48 hours after the confirmation of payment and order.

1. If you’ve ordered with express service, we will provide a tracking on your email address after 2 days.
2. We may also provide tracking to you in case your order is with standard mail service. You will get a tracking number of your shipment 5-6 days in that case.

Where does my package ship from?

We use variable locations to ship ids. We cannot rely on one location due to the nature of our business. We cannot disclose this information because we don’t want to advertise our shipping locations. Rest assured, we will never compromise on your privacy and every package is discreetly enveloped. We are not beginners in the counterfeit ids realm, we have been delivering countless ids to our customers for years.

The package does not raise any suspicions of a fake id inside. We take full responsibility for every id that is shipped directly to our customers. You can get your package delivered to your home or any other room in a college. Even if you make someone else receive it for you, they can never find or tell if there’s a fake id inside your package.

Will my fake ID scan and come with blacklight test?

Every id that our team makes goes through rigorous testing before shipping to our clients. Each barcode or magnetic bar goes through scanning process. Every credential is confirmed and hence the ids are scannable.

The bending test can be applied on our ids and they will bend without causing a ridge or crease into the card or laminate. Every hologram comes with the precise brightness levels and does not contain dirt marks. We use thermal infusing and machine readable elements to make our fake ids look authentic.

In short, our fake ids resembles the real counterpart in every aspect in terms of features and graphical representation. The only person that knows your fake id is not real is you. You can hand it to a bouncer or a doormen, even the scanning device will never distinguish it from a real one.

What If I enter wrong information while ordering?

If you submitted wrong information that needs correction while ordering. You can always reply to the confirmation message which is sent to your inbox or use our ‘contact form’ to open a ticket with our sales staff. Enter the order number and they will change the information on your id before making it.

We advise you to do this as soon as you can. Because, once your id is printed we cannot make any other changes. We will still make it up to you and try to delay the shipping and reprint a new id if your id has wrong information.