How Much Does a Fake ID Cost?

Purchasing a fake id can be an easy process, but how do you go about deciding the price? There are many factors that influence id makers to fix the cost of a counterfeit identity card.

Here are some of the factors that may contribute to knowing how much does a fake id cost?

1. Card Substrate


2. Types of Hologram Foils


3. Lenticular Features

MLi LensExpensive

4. Shipping Speed


5. Location

Within USCheaperFrom Outside USExpensive

We always focus on using quality features and apply safest methods to ship your id packages. At the same time, we keep our pricing at a minimal level and reduce our profits. It enables us to establish a trusted relationship with our customers worldwide.


Offering discounts on fake id products can be challenging for id vendors. On, we offer discounts in a way where the authenticity and features of your id cards remain the same. We have divided our group discounts into four tiers.

We offer four tiers of discount for group orders. These discounts are auto applied to your cart total and deducted on your check out. Here are the four types of discounts explained in detail.

Tier 1 Discount

For purchasing 3 to 6 id cards, the cart will deduct 10% off your total price as shown below.

Tier 2 Discount

For purchasing 7 to 10 id cards, the cart will auto deduct 15% off your total price.

Tier 3 Discount

For purchasing 10 to 16 id cards, the cart will auto deduct 20% off each id added to your check out.

Tier 4 Discount

For purchasing 20 or more id cards, the cart will auto deduct 30% off each id added to your check out.

Additional Promotional Offers

At Hotfakeid, we offer seasonal discount codes. These coupons can be additionally applied to single or group fake id orders apart from the auto discounts. You may check our “Home Page” to find additional promotional codes. They usually appear during christmas or black friday promotions.



Q: Can I ask for additional discounts?

A: You may not. We have designed a system where discounts are auto applied to your total based on the number of ids in your check out cart. You can start by adding id cards with your information using the fake id shop page. Once you have added enough ids that qualifies you for Tier 1, 2, 3 or 4 discounts. The cart page will deduct the discounted amount off your total. You don’t have to apply any shortcode or coupon to avail these. They work in automatically.

Q: How can I get promotional coupon codes to get further discounts?

A: These are usually active during the end of the year and start of the summer. You will find an announcement on our homepage. If you cannot find one, then that means you can only avail the auto discount that our system offers throughout the year.

Q: Can I contact you or open a ticket to get a discount code?

A: Our staff cannot provide you with further discounts than what’s already programmed in the system. You may contact us for other questions.