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    Kentucky Fake ID

    Kentucky driver’s license + free duplicate

    Scannable Kentucky identification manufactured using optical character recognition (OCR) technology to make up credentials for holder.

    3-6 IDs 10% OFF
    7-10 IDs 15% OFF
    11-16 IDs 20% OFF
    20+ IDs 30% OFF
    These discounts are applicable on all of our ids. You can add the same state or different states to your cart. Our system will deduct the discount percentage automatically off your cart total, depending upon the number of fake ids your cart has at the end of the order. If you still need more discounts, you can surf the “discount page” to check if we have any other promotional offers going on. Apart from these we do not offer any more discounts.

  – Kentucky Fake ID Features:


    • Tactile Elements: Multiple (discernible dob, signature)
    • UV: Yes (Front: optical window, “UNITED WE STAND” – Back: invertion)
    • Metallic Emblem: Yes (Overlapped initials e.g., CH00)
    • Micro-imagery: Yes (borderline and laser)
    • Engraving: Yes (state seal)
    • Codes: Yes
    • Laminate: Yes (machine-applied 0.3 mil thickness)
    • Real ID: Yes (Optional)