Minnesota Fake ID


Minnesota driver’s license + free duplicate

Scannable Minnesota identification comes with computer-generated graphics and special optical elements.

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These discounts are applicable on all of our ids. You can add the same state or different states to your cart. Our system will deduct the discount percentage automatically off your cart total, depending upon the number of fake ids your cart has at the end of the order. If you still need more discounts, you can surf the “discount page” to check if we have any other promotional offers going on. Apart from these we do not offer any more discounts. – Minnesota Fake ID Features:


  • Colour effects: Yes (Tri-color printing)
  • Laser: Yes (Backlit: shape of yellow pickerel)
  • UV: Multiple (state seal, year, ghost image)
  • Micro-motifs: Multiple (Glow under 365/254 nm UV light)
  • Guilloche: Yes (combined with rainbow ink)
  • Codes: Multiple (Magnetic Band: fused – QR: 2D printed)


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We use multiple layers of polycarbonate which are inseparably bonded and designed with increased laser reactivity. This id is suitable for local casinos, bar hopping or any other in and out of state use.

How it works?

The photosensitive elements and customer credentials are sealed inside the Minnesota template. We add several distinctive textures to the laminating substrate which gives your id a papery touch.

Authentic Features: renders an exact style and thickness of your signature and font as required by the id design. By tilting the id card, one can inspect the bright nature of our hologram sleeves as comes with the real Minnesota ids.

Our competitors use manual coating of window features such as in Minnesota fake id. It leaves evidence of tampering in the form of scratches or altered thickness. We use machines and automated equipment for binding each card with precise measurements.

Weight 0.00150 kg
Dimensions 2.041 × 3.2015 cm
Card Thickness

0.00530 inches


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