Nevada Fake ID


Nevada driver’s license + free duplicate

Scannable Nevada identification manufactured using frangible layers of composite (PC) polycarbonate and computer-generated biographical data.

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These discounts are applicable on all of our ids. You can add the same state or different states to your cart. Our system will deduct the discount percentage automatically off your cart total, depending upon the number of fake ids your cart has at the end of the order. If you still need more discounts, you can surf the “discount page” to check if we have any other promotional offers going on. Apart from these we do not offer any more discounts. – Nevada Fake ID Features:


  • Visual micro-images: Multiple (Front: Las Vegas skyline – Back: Carson City skyline)
  • Restated Tactile Effect: Yes (secondary dob)
  • Generic Hologram: Yes (split fountain: changes color from green to blue)
  • Guilloche Feature: Multiple
  • Overlapped data: Yes (initials)
  • Laser Ablation Effect: Yes (format: initials, height)

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The college fraternities in Nevada knows us as the inventor of (NV) fake ids. We use laser-optimized overlay sheets with pre-printed holographic images for coating this id. It makes your license ready for physical inspection and resemble the feel of a real Nevada fake id.

How it works?

Our templates use frontside offset printing for imprinting necessary credentials as required by the customer. The scannable elements in digitized form bind to the backside offset printing. Several inseparable transparent layers coat the id with Nevada premium laminates.

Authentic Features: uses thermal fusing of several iridescent images on the back and front side of the id card. The photo zone carries vital encoded initials of the cardholder. Some of the data is raised above the surface of the card using special lamination plates. This is a complete set of security features fused together to give you the feel and purpose of a real Nevada identification card.

Weight 0.0041 kg
Dimensions 2.501 × 3.019 cm
Card Thickness

0.00219 inches


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