North Carolina Fake ID


North Carolina driver’s license + free duplicate

Scannable North Carolina identification comes with a range of graphical and coded security features.

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These discounts are applicable on all of our ids. You can add the same state or different states to your cart. Our system will deduct the discount percentage automatically off your cart total, depending upon the number of fake ids your cart has at the end of the order. If you still need more discounts, you can surf the “discount page” to check if we have any other promotional offers going on. Apart from these we do not offer any more discounts. – North Carolina Fake ID Features:


  • Laser Beam Effect: Yes (substrate: synthetic)
  • ID Texture: Crisp (finishing: matte)
  • Double-sided Holes: Yes (state initials script: NC)
  • Holograms: Yes (Generic: “1775”)
  • Infrared Effect: Multiple (Front: emblem, geometric pattern – Back: smaller portrait, credentials)
  • Tangible Features: Yes (identifiers)
  • Real ID: Yes (optional)

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The (NC) id offers a combination of sensitive id card features. The active overlays and tactile impressions improve the validation and scanning process. Overall, the premium components of our North Carolina fake id makes it a strong case for in and out of state use.

How it works?

Our experts imitate each feature of the real (NC) template. The design can be compared with shapes, font sizes and patterns of the actual counterpart. We fuse several layers of modified polycarbonate with your configured data. The result is a monolithic id card comparable to the valid id as issued by NCDMV.

Authentic Features: uses superlasers to permeate micro ink dots, fine images and graphic elements into the card surface. The ids are not rushed for shipping and allowed proper time under balanced tempratures to absorb and dry inks.

Weight 0.00391 kg
Dimensions 2.30 × 3.0816 cm
Card Thickness

0.001928 inches


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