Oregon Fake ID


Oregon driver’s license + free duplicate

Scannable Oregon identification comes with a range of semi-overt and intricate authentication features.

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Hotfakeid.com – Oregon Fake ID Features:


  • Circular Kinetic Effect: Multiple (Animated images: state name, state bird, dots)
  • Diffracting Image Feature: Yes (orgination: laser beam)
  • Pseudo Colors: Yes (county outlines)
  • Latent Effects: Yes (deliberate misspelling)
  • Tactile Font: Yes (Back: dob)
  • Infrared Features: Multiple (Front: state initials – Back: landscape, seal)

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We specialize in making Oregon ids using magnetizable inks. It enables us to embed id cards with optical features including lip-flop, rolling bar and hide and reveal.

How it works?

Customer initials are collected and imprinted using true colouring and micro imagery in high resolution. The Oregon id template manufactures each id with glossy finish using dye sublimation retransfer printing.

Authentic Features:

Hotfakeid.com uses microstructured taggants to form the monolithic structure of the Oregon fake id. Several integrated features are optimized with color-shift inks. The id comes with a series of linear and kinetic images optimizing over the edge printing.

Weight 0.001401 kg
Dimensions 2.109 × 3.2512 cm
Card Thickness

0.02918 inches


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