Creating a believable fake ID involves thinking about the stuff you need. Different states have different rules about the things you can use to make fake IDs. This matters a lot when you’re deciding where you should say you’re from.

Some states have strict rules and use complicated designs and materials that are harder to replicate than others. Most will require certain high-end printers, laminators, and materials to make IDs compared to other states. You need to keep this in mind when working with a company to create a fake ID for you.

You’ll want to choose a state that has these easier to duplicate designs. It’s all in the design when it comes to getting a fake ID that will pass as the real deal. This is why it’s so important that you choose a state that has an easier-to-replicate design than one that has a very complex one.

Holograms, magnetic strips, and such make it harder to create a proper fake ID. However, there are companies out there that can do it and do it well. These more complex IDs have more complex issues, such as materials used and the technology needed, so you can expect to pay a higher price.

  1. Factor you need to consider is how up-to-date the company making the fake ID is. The states quite often will change up their ids, just slightly, to try to keep fakes from being distributed.
  2. You’ll want to consider is where or how you are going to use your fake ID. While some people are getting a fake ID to use in person at a bar or club, others are getting one that will be used online, which probably won’t be scrutinized as much.
  3. You’ll need a working magnetic strip for example, if you plan to use it to enter a club or bar but wouldn’t need that necessarily to be able to use it for online purposes.  

How much you know about a particular state and area is also something to consider. If you have a stronger Jersey accent, you probably shouldn’t go for a fake ID from Ohio, for example.

You’ll want to choose a state where you look and act like you would belong. This will make things a little less questionable. While there are people who have moved from the South to the North and still have their accents, this isn’t very common, and it’s probably not a good idea when looking at fake IDs.

Be sure that you send in a photo of similar quality to what you would find in real IDs. Quite often, people will use their phone to take a photo, which is far higher quality than what you see coming out of the DMV.

You’ll need to practice to not only get a good duplicate in quality but size and angle also matter. You’ll want to have a photo that will pass as the real deal. This is your responsibility and not that of the company in which you order the ID from.

Our first state of choice would be Iowa. This is because this is probably one of the easiest states to fake. However, they have recently upgraded. Again, all states do and will over time, making it harder to fake than in recent years.

But the good news is that the old design is still valid, and many people are running around with it. Making it easy to create an old design ID that looks like the real deal.

In many cases, you can also order the new license design at an additional cost. Iowa IDs are created with UV ink. They have a limited amount of graphics to duplicate and are made with a simple design. You’ll just need a good photo. 

Indiana is also a state that has a relatively simple design. However, again, they have recently upgraded to help prevent fraud. In recent years, this state has also upgraded the material that they use to Polycarbonate, which is a harder material than previously.

Make sure that you find out if your supplier will be using this material for your fake ID. Indiana uses a greyscale photo in their IDs. This is important to note, as you wouldn’t want to get an ID in full color, as that is an obvious giveaway. It, too, has a hologram, as many IDs do, but this one is an easy and simple design that many manufacturers of fake IDs can easily create.

The Texas license is now one of the most secure id cards in United States. The outdated design is much easier to reproduce, making it less costly. But, many manufacturers are starting to offer the new design at a premium.

They, too, have switched their materials and use Polycarbonate now, which is something that should be noted when ordering a Texas fake ID. This ID will contain 1D and 2D barcodes that should contain all the information you provide when scanned.  

You are likely to get caught with the Polycarbonate version of the fraudulent Texas license. There are a number of reasons for that.

  1. Texas state id comes with a plethora of security features.
  2. Every feature is unique and relatively new for counterfeiters.
  3. You are likely to get caught when your phony Texas id goes through an id scanner.

Hence, Texas comes third on our most probables list for fake ids.

Georgia is a common state that many people choose, and many manufacturers offer it due to the simplicity of the design. The design contains a hologram that is relatively easy to duplicate.

The technology needed to produce a Georgia ID isn’t complex, making them an affordable option as well. A feature you may want to take a close look at is the feature on the back of the card, as some producers have a hard time replicating it.

This state hasn’t gotten the memo to upgrade its materials, so the materials are easier to replicate. They also don’t have the magnetic strip on the back, which will help the manufacturer by taking that step out, which can be a complex step, as you can imagine.

This means that there is less technology used to create a fake ID from Connecticut, and thus, you can expect to have a lower price. 

While these are some of the top states to get a fake ID from, keep in mind that your story should add up. Having a fake ID from a state that is across the country isn’t going to work as well in rural areas. Most id reviews suggest that it may work once, if you plan to attend the same places over and over, they will wonder why you haven’t gotten an ID from their state.  

Try to find a state that is close to where you plan to use the ID if you are using it in a more rural setting. Super large cities such as LA or NY are some of the best cities to use fake IDs as the bouncers see so many different states due to tourism. 

Using a fake ID comes with responsibilities and penalties. If you plan to get one, you should use it wisely and be careful how and when you use it.

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