Ohio Fake ID


Ohio driver’s license + free duplicate

Scannable Ohio identification card comes with multiple windowed substrate and offset lithographic printing.

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20+ IDs 30% OFF
These discounts are applicable on all of our ids. You can add the same state or different states to your cart. Our system will deduct the discount percentage automatically off your cart total, depending upon the number of fake ids your cart has at the end of the order. If you still need more discounts, you can surf the “discount page” to check if we have any other promotional offers going on. Apart from these we do not offer any more discounts. – Ohio Fake ID Features:


  • Photo Engraving: Multiple (Laser focused marking: optimal depth)
  • Perceptible Features: Multiple (Front: seal, metallic outline, window lense – Back: curvature initials)
  • Thermochromic Ink: Yes (Back: smaller portrait)
  • Steganographic Micro-images : Multiple (Front: key windows – Back: Ohio flag)
  • Superimposed Text: Multiple (Front: signature, dob – Back: identifier, inventory number)
  • Real ID: Yes (Optional)
  • Heat-sealed Overlay: Yes (Thermally fused with magnetic stripe on back)
  • Fore-edge Nanoprint: Yes

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If scanning is an issue, (OH) id is the choice. Our experts make use of several machine-verifiable features to exhibit the exact copy of the actual Ohio id. Several pair of inks are formulated by our expensive equipment to create diffractive optically variable images for this id.

How it works?

The Ohio id card template is a challenging design which is composed of varying lines and patterns. Most of the customer data is imprinted using carbon migration technique. The surface of the biographical data is coated with ultra-thin layers of pre-printed holograms.

Authentic Features: uses rainbow printing which enables our machines to simultaneously print two or more colours of ink. The merging of phosphorescent inks allow the controlled features of Ohio fake id to illuminate once exposed to specific wavelenghts of ultraviolet light. Marked features are embedded using laser with a depth of 0.001″ keeping the surface intact.

Weight 0.001928 kg
Dimensions 2.6018 × 3.2019 cm
Card Thickness

0.01928 inches


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