You want to get as much use out of your fake as possible before turning twenty-one, which isn’t always easy. To be honest, the bouncer will often peek at your fake, but when you’re up against a stickler, you need to be prepared.

How to Use a Fake ID if it is illegal?

Here are some pointers on how to use your new identity wisely in the real world:

1. Identical Feature

Choose someone who shares your identifying features. If you’re fortunate enough to have a biological elder sister of the appropriate age, a real-life sibling certainly works nicely. If not, you can surely get away with someone who resembles you.

2. Hair Color

Hair color is the least significant since it can always be claimed that it was colored. Eye color is really important. Greens, blues, and hazels normally have a bit more leniency, but if you have large brown eyes and are using your friend’s ID and her eyes are blue, a bouncer will notice.

3. Height

Height is another important one to keep in mind. Heels will come in handy here. You’re great if your fake indicates you’re a few inches taller than you actually are and wearing heels.

Dopplegangers Exist

The next step is to obtain the ID from someone. She should be older than you (but not too much older; you don’t want an ID that indicates you’re thirty), graduating soon, and not a local bar star. It’s difficult to have a fake who all the bouncers know.

Be polite about it. A forged document is a luxury, not a right. This girl is giving you explicit permission to steal her identity using her photo. I approached an older female in my chapter, a genuinely kind lady with emerald eyes and two inches taller than me, AKA my perfect match in fake ID heaven.

She consented to accompany me to the DMV and acquire a new ID, stating she had misplaced her previous one, so she could then pass it on to me. I took her coffee and a muffin, booked the DMV appointment, and accompanied her as she paid the money for a new ID. Make it as simple as possible for that girl.

Following these procedures, a new fake ID will be shipped to the female whose identity you’re stealing, and she will be able to hand over her old ID to you. The procedures below will help you use your fake effectively and avoid having it confiscated by the officers.

7 Tips to Use a Fake ID Effectively

Tip #1: Make a mental note of the information on the card.

You should know the address, your middle name, and your fake date of birth by heart. I used to put myself to the test in the pregame, when I was genuinely intoxicated, to make sure I had that crap locked down. If a bouncer asks you your zip code, you better know what it is no matter how many shots you have.

Tip #2: If feasible, obtain an old debit or credit card, as well as an old student ID, from the female who provided you with your fake.

Having a second piece of identification is the most failsafe approach to persuade a doubtful bouncer that you are, in fact, Molly Elizabeth Sterling (or whoever). A student ID is my personal preference because it includes a photo, but an outdated debit card is also acceptable. The bouncer will not verify the expiration date on that object, only the name, and you will get admitted.

Tip #3: Avoid the one pub in town that is notorious for catching imposters.

I assure you, there is always one location, and you better know where it is. Your ruse does not provide you with invincibility. Think about where you’re going to whip it out.

Tip #4: The more people you know who know the bouncers, the better.

No lines, in two words. When you’re acquainted with the bouncers, you get to walk right to the front, and most of the time they won’t check the group’s ID if they’re friends with a couple of the gals. This is useful if you’re carrying a fake ID because you might not have to display it at all.

Tip #5: Understand your fictitious star sign.

Some bouncers like testing inebriated females’ ID knowledge, and this is a question I’ve been asked in real life several times. Adjust appropriately if you’re a Gemini in real life but your alter ego is a Scorpio.

Tip #6: When you go out, remind your buddies that you’re wearing a fake.

It’s not ideal to have your inebriated big yell your true name at you as the bouncer looks at your ID, which plainly says something different.

Tip #7: Use your impersonation sparingly.

Don’t take it for granted and start buying eight bottles of wine every time you go shopping. When all other options have been explored, a fake should be utilized.

If you can simply find someone to buy for you, you should do so instead of endangering your valuable fake. That may appear unduly cautious, but being arrested in a store is one of the most humiliating experiences anybody can have.

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