You don’t want the opportunity to drink beer without glancing over your shoulder for prowling cops to be the highlight of your 21st birthday. Obtaining a false ID assures that you do not become a late bloomer in the world of liquor and fun. However, the question of whether to use actual or fictitious information for a fake ID remains unclear.

Should You Use a Real Name on a Fake ID?


Using a real or fictitious name, residence, date of birth, issuance date, and so on has varied benefits and risks. Knowing the benefits, drawbacks, and risk levels of each piece of information allows you to make the best decision.

While some claim that it is advisable to make up bogus information for your fake ID, others suggest that keeping your genuine information is safer. Hotfakeid, on the other hand, believes that it is neither here nor there.

The best way to use actual or fake information depends on the information. For example, if you’re under 21 and require a fake license to go into clubs, it only makes sense to put a bogus date of birth on your ID.

It’s pleasant that a fake identification card allows you to enter places where the law bans you and allows you to enjoy age-restricted items, but don’t get too carried away that you forget to take the necessary safeguards. This post will explain the differences between utilizing actual and fake information for your fake IDs.

Advantages of Using Your Real Name for a Fake ID

One of the most important pieces of information on your ID is your name. When it comes to getting the greatest false ID, college students like you are frequently asked if you should put your real name on it.


Regardless of common perception, whether you use a genuine or false name on a counterfeit ID should be determined by what is most essential to you. The name on your false id is just as vital as the photo on it.

We understand why you might be questioning if you should put your actual name on a fake ID. Given that a forged license is prohibited, it stands to reason that it would bear a forged name. However, now that you wish to create a fake id, you should analyze the arguments for and against utilizing a fake id with your actual identity.

While those in favor of using a false identity believe that it minimizes the possibility of being detected, those in favor of using your actual name on a fake license argue that it promises lenient punishment if you are caught.

Some examples demonstrate the utility of obtaining a forged identity card bearing a false name. Knowing that your true name is not on a false driver’s license might be advantageous in such situations.

8 Reasons to Use Real Information for a Fake ID

  1. It lessens the chances of you being detected if the ID falls into the wrong hands. One such case is when you misplace your forged card.
  2. If a bogus identification card with your true name ends up in the hands of a cop, you’ll be far simpler to arrest than if the name is a forgery. You may make up information using false information generation services available online.
  3. Possessing a false license with a fictitious name complicates your charges if you are finally detected.
  4. A fake identification card with a fictitious name is a separate kind of violation with harsher penalties than a fake license with a real name.
  5. While utilizing a fictitious name to create your bogus ID is a good idea, other individuals feel that using your genuine name is a more proactive approach.
  6. Using your own name is less horrible in their eyes and gives you a stronger edge if you are caught with a fake ID.
  7. This group argues that because you may be detected with a fake driver’s license, it’s a good idea to earn the lightest penalty possible.
  8. According to certain legal interpretations, the penalty for a false identification card with your real name is safer and less likely to impact your future than the penalties for a fake ID with a fictitious name.

The Benefits and Drawbacks of Using Real vs. Fake Names on Fake IDs

In most cases, fake ID charges are categorized as either a misdemeanor or a felony. If you are caught, you will almost certainly be charged with one or more misdemeanors. If you manufactured the ID yourself or generated IDs for others, you might face felony penalties.

The penalties for misdemeanors and felonies vary based on the circumstances and the state. The following is how it may play out when utilizing a genuine vs. false name for identification.

1. Fake ID With Real Information

It’s a misdemeanor if you’re found with a fake ID bearing your true name. You might be charged with Misrepresentation of Age by a Minor, a Class C misdemeanor, for this violation. You don’t need to pay the greatest lawyer in the world to get this ticket dismissed on such reasonable terms as a fine, an alcoholic awareness class, or some community service hours.

When you put your genuine name on a false driver’s license, negotiating for dismissal becomes simpler. Having your case dropped means you won’t have to worry about the ramifications of being convicted of a crime in the future. It also assures that you receive a lesser punishment for using a forged identity card.

2. Fake ID With False Information

Using a fake ID with a false name is frequently seen as identity theft. It makes no difference whether the name you chose is fictional or not. Identity theft, unlike Misrepresentation of Age by a Minor, is a Class A Misdemeanor.

Even if you borrowed someone else’s legal ID, this is a more severe infraction that might result in a large fine and jail time. Negotiating for dismissal is a long shot in this situation. Worse, depending on the state and the circumstances of the case, the fine might reach $4,000 or more.

Identity theft is also considered a moral depravity crime. When you are convicted, you will have fewer possibilities in the future, especially if you want to work as a doctor, accountant, lawyer, or teacher. If you are convicted, the police and publications will publish your mugshot.

As previously said, there are advantages to each of the aforementioned scenarios, regardless of whether you use a genuine or fictitious name on your ID. So, if you’re wondering if you should use your actual name for a fake license, use the benefits and dangers of getting found as a guide.


Also, if you examine the duration and frequency with which you want to use the fake ID, you may receive a more useful response to the issue – should the fake ID contain the actual name. Consider the dangers of each possibility in light of your own situation.

The goal of learning how to use a false ID is to avoid being detected. However, you may occasionally run out of luck or make a mistake that reveals that your ID is a forgery. When you are apprehended, remember that bouncers are not terrible animals out to get you. When a bouncer confiscates your ID, you don’t have to act out.

They are not well compensated; occasionally,retaining your ID for a few minutes is a ruse to get you to hand them money. Before you hand them money, be sure you have calmly asked for your ID.

If a bouncer insists on holding your ID, you should cut your losses and go. It’s better to miss out on one event than to risk penalties for having a fake ID.

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